Customers speak, SAP Listens

SAP Listens is SAP’s global relationship survey program to listen, engage and act upon customer feedback. During 2016, SAP invited close to 17,500 customers around the world to share their feedback and to evaluate the impact SAP has on their business and how well SAP is serving them.

SAP wants to thank our customers for sharing their feedback and ideas. It helps understand which priorities and improvements are most important to focus on.

What are customers speaking about?

Customers are clear on what they want from SAP. Customers are highly satisfied with SAP continuous efforts in developing the quality of software solutions and services, especially when it comes to innovation, integration, user friendliness and user interfaces. At the same time, customers also ask for clear guidance on which SAP solutions to use and what business value those deliver to plan the best paths forward.

As a first response, SAP has initiated publishing a 3-year new generation of roadmaps – starting with SAP S/4HANA. This new roadmap shows the recent innovations, planned innovations, product direction and product vision and can be found at With this, SAP gives customers the transparency to accelerate their transition to an S/4HANA centric landscape. Over time, SAP will release 3-year roadmaps for all key products.

In addition, SAP has also launched a new landing page for SAP releases to make key information available in one central place for their customers – see

SAP is now closely exploring all feedback in order to present actionable enhancements that deliver the most value to customers.

Speak up and influence SAP

Customer feedback and ideas are at the heart of SAP. Check out SAP's offerings designed specifically for customers to influence and adopt SAP innovations.

 – Participate in SAP’s market introduction programs under Innovate with SAP in development projects, experience a new product in the test phase and improve existing SAP products by requesting enhancements.

 – Test the new SAP with software free trials: Experience SAP software in action through SAP’s software free trials under

–  SAP Listens: SAP will send the SAP Listens Survey to multiple roles within each customer organization during the year. If you wish to find out more please contact your SAP Account Executive or use the contact details provided under: