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We’re excited to share three new courses with you and announce that you can now prepare for your certification as an SAP HANA developer with existing openSAP courses! If you’re in the retail sector, you’ll be interested in our new course, SAP Retail Omnichannel Commerce, or if you’re interested in smart services, our new openSAP Thought Leaders course, Smart Service Welt – Data and Platform-Based Business Models, is for you.

Prepare for Your SAP HANA Certification – Development Associate

You can now become a certified SAP HANA Development Associate with openSAP content! In this course, we’ll explain how the exam* works and the “topic areas” that will be tested. You’ll need to complete three previous SAP HANA courses on openSAP to gain the knowledge to pass the certification, but this course will provide you with some tips and tricks and what you should focus on when preparing for the exam. Enrollment is now open and the content will be available from April 24. You can already start work on the required courses, and you can get these courses reactivated free of charge, if you wish. Find more details on the course page!

*You’ll need to purchase access to the certification exam to complete your certification.

SAP Retail Omnichannel Commerce

The course will help you understand the possibilities with the connection of digital commerce and physical store businesses, including customer engagement, consistent promotion pricing, stock availability, order management and sourcing across all sales channels. After completing this course, you’ll have a superb insight into, and understanding of the SAP Retail omnichannel innovations and the role of its key components. You’ll learn how the various capabilities fit together to build a coherent suite of innovations. This broad knowledge empowers you to understand, design, and adapt omnichannel scenarios for SAP-powered consumer businesses. Enrollment is now open and the content will be available from May 29.

Smart Service Welt – Data and Platform-Based Business Models

The process of digitization is characterized by the increasing use of sensors and software. This makes it possible to connect people, products, and services. In this course, acclaimed figures from the fields of business and science will guide you through the world of smart services, providing you with a theoretical and practical overview that extends across industries. After a general introduction to the topic, you’ll see the disruptive change processes at work within existing business models. The English course starts from June 19 and enrollment is now open. There is also a German version of this course available on, starting April 23.

Current and upcoming courses

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Basics of Design Testing (Edition Q2/2018)
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SAP Cloud Platform Version Control with Git
Managing Java Systems on SAP NetWeaver
Climate Change, Risks, and Challenges
SAP Business ByDesign Project-Based Services
Introduction to SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering

All our courses remain available in self-paced mode. Earn a record of achievement in self-paced courses with our reactivation option.

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