Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to invite you to the 2nd Delivery Call webinar for SAP Customer Connection focus topic Treasury Applications from SAP.
In this webinar SAP presents the improvements which we developed based on your requests, and which are now available for productive use. We will explain the content of the improvements and show how you can start using them for your company’s benefit.


Recap of project timeline and approach
–    Collect, Select, Develop and Use
Improvement Request Status Overview
–    28 customer requests delivered, 7 requests are still in development and additionally 5 topics were identified and will be delivered outside the timeline of this project.
Demo of Selected Improvement Requests 
Next Steps
Questions & Answers

The slide deck below contains detail slides about delivered improvements that were presented in the webinar. In the appendix you find detail slides about improvements that had been presented in the first delivery call.
Consult it here

If you have missed the webinar, you may view a recording here (51 min)