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IFG for Integration: What's new in SAP Application Interface Framework 4.0 (Sep 6, 2018)

The SAP Application Interface Framework Tool enables key business users to monitor interfaces they are responsible for and to handle business errors. Learn in this session about the new release 4.0 of the SAP Application Interface Framework. Read more

IFG for Solution Manager: SAP Solution Manager Usage Rights (Sep 11, 2018)

You are still struggling with Usage Rights for SAP Solution Manager? Then get an Overview on the release independent Usage Rights for SAP Solution Manager. Learn about the differences between support contracts like SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Standard Support within SAP Solution Manager Usage Rights and gain transparency of what's in with your support contract and what's not. Read more

IFG for Integration: SAP Cloud Platform API Management (Sep 12, 2018)

Speed up your Digital Apps, Open Integrations and Innovations with APIs by providing simple, scalable and secure access to digital assets through application programming interfaces (APIs). Manage end-to-end life cycle of your APIs and simplify sharing of managed APIs and collaboration with customers, partners, and developers. Read more

IFG for Integration: SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Overview, Recent Innovation, Roadmap (Sep 13, 2018)

This session provides an overview how customers can move to the cloud at their own pace and integrate SAP Cloud solutions with other cloud or on-premise applications leveraging SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Besides an overview about the recent innovations of SAP Cloud Platform Integration also a demo and the roadmap will be presented. Read more

IFG for Integration: SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors (Sep 19, 2018)

SAP Cloud Platform simplifies connectivity to 3rd party apps by providing feature rich, pre-built connectors to over 150 non-SAP cloud applications. It offers a comprehensive and seamless integration to 3rd party apps that works out of the box. Read more


C/4HANA: Introducing maiCatch – The new innovative Business Card Scanner for SAP Cloud for Customer (Sep 4, 2018)

Take a look at maiCatch, the new innovative business card scanner, co-developed by SAP Partner maihiro and two big customers and see how it can help you saving time, dealing with business cards. It will manage contacts, leads and there are many more features to come. Read more

C/4HANA: SmartEdit latest features and enhancements | 1808 Release (Sep 5, 2018)

Join us and learn about the latest content management capabilities of SmartEdit. We will discuss the new CMS features such as Content Versioning and other enhancements and our vision going forward. Read more

C/4HANA: SAP S/4HANA Conversion- Impact on SAP Cloud for Customer Integration (Sep 20, 2018)

Based on a system integration example of an SAP ECC system integration with SAP Cloud for Customer, this webinar explains the approach taken before, during and after the conversion of the SAP ECC system into an S/4 Hana system. The webinar focuses on the SAP Cloud for Customer relevant activities of a conversion project. Read more

C/4HANA: Analytics updates in SAP Cloud for Customer (Sep 25, 2018)

In this webinar you will learn how to drive adoption using analytics. Starting with building KPI-Tiles on home page, to designing interactive dashboards with global filters, and Launch transactions from dashboard to take action. Read more

C/4HANA: Customer Experience: SAP Cloud for Customer 1811 Release Briefing (Sep 27, 2018)

Get an insightful preview of the planned innovations for the upcoming November 2018 (1811) Release of SAP Cloud for Customer. Hear directly from our product management team about what’s new in Sales, Service, and Platform from these three sessions. Read more

SAP Leonardo

From tons of data wasted, to real value with SAP Leonardo IoT (Sep 4, 2018)

This webinar on SAP Leonardo Internet of Things shows you the latest on SAP Leonardo IoT, including how to seamlessly connect your people, things, and business processes, build new business models, harness real-time intelligence, and support adaptive processes from core to edge. Read more

Discover the value that SAP Leonardo Blockchain can unlock for your business (Sep 11, 2018)

SAP offers a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) which provides the easiest, lowest-risk gateway to experimenting with distributed ledger technology in the cloud. Join our webinar to find out more about SAP’s vision and portfolio for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Read more


Freedom to Calculate with SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (from Sep 4, 2018)

In this course, we’ll cover all the essentials of SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, including use cases, all capabilities, brand new features, business processes, and best practices on implementation. You’ll learn more about how to use SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, about the different use cases, and where to use it in which stage of your business process. You’ll learn how to create calculations, use master data, and how to create your own reports and simulations. Read more

Improving Confidence in Sustainability Performance Data (from Sep 4, 2018)

The COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework, since its inception, was always meant to apply to financial as well as nonfinancial data such as sustainability. You'll be taken through the five components and 17 principles of the framework to demonstrate how building and maintaining effective internal controls can help secure greater confidence in sustainability reporting. Read more

Be visual! Sketching basics of IT Business (Edition Q3 2018) (from Sep 11, 2018)

The openSAP course ‘Be Visual! Sketching Basic for IT Business’ starts with the very basics of sketching. By applying the practice-oriented tips and tricks in this course, you’ll gain the confidence to present your ideas visually. From basic shapes and handwriting to creating storyboards and screen sketches, you’ll be able to use these techniques whether at a flipchart, whiteboard, or at your desk. Read more

Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud (from Sep 11, 2018)

Moving to the cloud brings the advantages of the cloud to ERP software, with a suite of solutions that paves the way to digital, integrated processes across your business. However, like all ERP solutions, SAP S/4HANA Cloud will also have to be integrated with many other solutions within your system landscape. In this course, we’ll present what SAP S